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Some more of the largest ever drug busts

Posted by Gangster City on Wednesday, July 20, 2011, In : Drug Busts 

Largest Drug Busts in History

1.San Francisco is home to the world largest ever recorded drugs bust. In 1991, police officers seized 59 boxes containing 1080 pounds of Heroin, with a street value ranging from $2.7 billion to $4 billion. Roughly enough Heroin to supply an estimated 500,000 heroin users for a month.

2.One of the largest drug busts in recorded in history comes from the Middle East. Collaborations between Turkish and Saudi Authorities to stamp out the massive rise in amphetamine us...

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7 of the Largest Drug Busts in History

Posted by Gangster City on Wednesday, July 6, 2011, In : Drug Busts 

7 of the Largest Drug Busts in History

The war on drugs has been going on for sometime now, but it’s nowhere near eradicating the whole drug problem. Sure, governments have scored major drug busts over the years, but drug cartels continue operating with relative impunity, as if the seizures listed below were no more than just operational hiccups.


In fairness to law enforcers, the drug busts they’ve done are quite impressive as far as the amount of drugs confiscated and its estimated street ...

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Happy 40th birthday Tupac

Tupac, arguably the greatest rapper to ever walk the earth, If 2pac was still alive today June 16th, He would have been 40 years old....Tupac Amaru Shakur, June 16th 1971 - September 13th 1996.. Even though his dead his message will live on forever. R.I.P


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