Meet John DiFronzo known as “No Nose” the boss of “the Outfit” or Chicago Mafia. DiFronzo has been called by the nickname “No Nose” since he lost part of his nose jumping through a window during a burglary on Michigan Avenue. Back in 2007 the “Family Secrets” trial seen many of the top Chicago mob leaders indicted but DiFronzo was not charged and stayed out on the streets rising to the top of the family.

DiFronzo may have not been charged in the “Family Secrets” trial but his name came up when turncoat witness and Chicago mob hitman Nick Calabrese testified that DiFronzo had a part in the murder of Las Vegas mob boss Anthony Spilotro and his brother Michael Spilotro in 1986. Calabrese said that DiFronzo was one of the men who beat the Spilotro brothers to death and he was the one guy still alive who had not been indicted for the crime.

The Chicago Outfit for decades has conducted its business at restaurant dining tables and even the most famous Outfit photo ever taken showed Outfit mobsters at a table in 1976 and seems times have not changed in that regard.

(Famous Chicago Outfit Photo from 1976)

DiFronzo is said to now hold court at the Loon Cafe for a regular luncheon meeting with other Chicago Outfit mobsters. Joining No Nose at these luncheons often include his brother Peter DiFronzo who mob investigators say is like John a “made” member of the Chicago mafia and is believed to be his brothers most trusted lieutenant , Marco “the mover” Damico a convicted mob captain who at one time ran the Elmwood Park Street Crew for the Outfit, also Joe DiFronzo another brother of No Nose , along with other connected chums of the boss.

Now with former leaders like Joey “the clown” Lombardo set to spend the rest of their lives in prison theChicago Outfit once again moves on and now with No Nose DiFronzo in the drivers seat say mob authorities. And now new family photos can be taken as new boss No Nose DiFronzo dishes out pizza to the Outfits new upper crust.