Gangster loses legal battle to keep £90,000 from criminal fortune

A Gangland figure has lost his legal battle to keep £90,000 from his criminal fortune.
William Thomson was caught with £120,000 in cash following an undercover police operation five years ago.
He had been under surveillance by the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency who suspected his involvement in organised crime including drug dealing.
However the £120,000 was later stolen from a police station store room by civilian worker Robert Morris.
Morris spent £30,000 and buried the remaining £90,000 in his back garden. It was later recovered by police.
Thomson, 47, of Kirkmuirhill, Lanarkshire, is serving a three-year jail term for having the £120,000. He has spent the last 18 months trying to get the £90,000 back.
Thomson, whose partner is Eileen Glover - widow of murdered gangster Bobby Glover - was a major player in crime until his arrest.
Prosecutors said he had £270,000 in assets from "general criminal conduct".
Last week he agreed to forfeit the £90,000 at a proceeds of crime hearing at Hamilton Sheriff Court if he could keep his other assets.
Thomson, who was not in court, was ordered by Sheriff Danny Scullion to attend next week.