Like many others, ever since i was young i have had a curious obsession with Gangsters and the action packed, exciting but dangerous life's they seem to live. 

 I have always loved Gangster Movies as they seem to feed this obsession and give you an inside look into the life of a gangster and just for a minute you can imagine
 yourself as Tony Montana, with no fear and the world at your feet whilst gunning down your enemies, even though in reality being a gangster is nothing like it is in the movies. Always having to watch your back and not knowing whether your going to get killed or end up behind bars.

 There is barely a gangster movie i haven't seen, so recently i have begun to read any gangster book i can get my hands on, even though i am not a big reader, now i can not seem to put the book i am reading down. At the moment i am reading Carlton Leaches Rise of the footsoldier, you may have seen the film, if not you will find trailer and plot summary by clicking on the link in the Best Gangster Movies of all time list on homepage.

 Over the next few weeks i will be letting you all know what i think of these books and recommending the ones that are worth keeping an eye out for. You will find lots of the top gangster books with reviews on the Gangster Books page.(if there are any gangster movies you know of which are not in my list please let me know so i can add them)

 As well as this i will be writing about gangster and prison tv series such as Louis Theroux's Miami Mega Jail, which has been on tv recently, Strange ways and many more great programs. 

Gangster Rap will be a topic soon to be added to the site, with 2pacs life story being a part of that. We are adding lots of content to the site daily so i
f you are like me and this stuff interests you then keep checking in for updates and please don't hesitate to add any interesting information to my blog.

Don't forget to check back for daily gangster news and much much more and if you haven't already then check out the rest of the site for movie trailers & reviews, movie summary's, gangster books and products and lots more interesting products & info . 

 So remember KEEP IT GANGSTER!!!