Watch crack house on Gangster TV Documentaries page now!

I have just added a channel 4 documentary called crack house to my gangster TV programme page, it is about a bloke called Darrell 'Duck' Davis who in 2001 recruited a group of young men from the South Side of Chicago to help him take over the drug trade in Rockford, Illinois. For four years they sold a kilo of hard drugs each week, terrorised neighbourhoods and intimidated witnesses.


The Rockford police department decided that enough was enough and that they had to put a stop to the violence and drugs once and for all, but how to do it? The police department had a informant who was one day approached by the gang and asked if she could rent a property for them to use to sell drugs from. The informant notified the police of this, who then set up visual and audio recording equipment all through the property. Luckily for the police, the gang were more than happy with the property, as its discreet, out of the way location made it an ideal spot and they moved in more or less straight away. The police and other federal investigators then sat back and gathered evidence over the next months watching people come and go from the property after purchasing crack cocaine and heroin. The gang also talked openly about murders and other crimes they had committed and were planning to commit while playing with fire arms and counting there daily earnings.

This is a definite must see as it gives you a look into the lifes of this dangerous drug gang members, which any one not in the gang is very unlikely to ever see. The documentary also meets the gang members family's trying to find out what drew them to a life of crime, where drugs, guns and violence were a daily occurrance. So check out Crack house now by clicking this LINK or visiting gangster TV documentary page. Enjoy!