Youth Gang Murder Stabbing in London

Another youth gang murder and stabbing, where a boy had his throat cut in Welling South East London near the Lidl. His name was Yemurai Kanyangarara.

This instance has increased calls that school uniforms encorporate cut and slash resistance due to the increasingly dangerous journey to and from school. Even in Schools there have been a number of instances of stabbings, slashes, and general violence.

Welling Stabbing Murder

Many schools now employ trained security staff, and teachers often wear protective clothing and covert body armour in high risk schools.

Teachers unions have for a long time campaigned to get stab vests available as an extra piece of vital equipment for teachers, who are often the ones who have to step in when there is violence in the classroom or playground.

Some schools now are more like a category A prison than a place of education, where gang violence and fear restrict the learning of others. Teachers have been murdered in schools many times before.

 The boy bled to death after three youths chased him down a busy street and slashed his throat, in what is believed to of been an unprovoked attack. Police described the killing as “sickening” and said that they were doing all they can to catch the ruthless killers.

One witness who lives nearby had said that she saw two young teenagers maybe playing with a 6 inch knife on a bus with one saying “I can’t wait for this”, moments before Yemurai Kanyangarara was murdered near a Lidl store. She said that she thought it looked like one of those fantasy knives which are sold online.

A florist Sam Read, 19, had tried to help the schoolboy as he lay dying on the pavement in Welling, South East London, Sam tried to stem the bleeding but the neck area is often a fatal area to be slashed.

She said: “There was blood pouring from his neck.” Her mum Angela Read, 48, who was at the scene of the crime with her daughter later added: “We ran into the high street and flagged down an ambulance. The ­paramedics rushed over but couldn’t save him.”

Yemurai had attended St Columba’s Catholic School in Welling and was a keen footballer. He was said to be a star pupil and one day hoped to go to university or be a professional footballer. He was a highly popular member of the local community where he lived.

About 100 friends wept and laid flowers at the scene yesterday. One note read “gone but never forgotten”.

A youth was arrested shortly after Friday afternoon’s killing but released without charge. Police are appealing for witnesses. 

Residents of London are advised to be aware that criminals do operate in the area and stab cut and slash protection is a very wise idea.