1 Day



Directed by Penny Woolcock (Mischief Night), 1 Day is a British hip hop musical-slash-drama set among the Afro-Caribbean community on the streets of inner-city Birmingham. Dylan Duffus stars as Flash, a low-level drug dealer who gets a shock when his boss Angel (Yohance Watson) gets out of jail early and demands the return of the £500,000 Flash had been holding for him for safe-keeping.

Unfortunately, Flash is £100,000 short, so Angel gives him just 24 hours to come up with the full amount, largely because his own superiors are pressuring him for the money. With the clock ticking, Flash finds himself pursued by the police, a rival gang, his three baby-mothers (Justice, Lady L and Natasha Holness) and his feisty Nan (Monica French), though help is at hand in the form of young streetwise sidekick Pest (Ohran Whyte).

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