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Top Gangster Books with summary's

 The Godfather (Paperback) Written by Mario Puzo 

The story revolves around Vito Corleone, a leader of organized crime in the 1940s. He is a man who rules with quiet persuasion, asking those who wish favors from him for their loyalty and dealing mercilessly with those who cross him. When other criminals try to involve his organization in the drug trade, Corleone resists and the shield of power that he has built around his family is threatened. The aged crime lord must defend his family and pass control of his empire to one of his three sons.

 The Inside Story of Pablo Escobar  Written by Roberto Escobar

Murderer, philanthropist, drug dealer, politician, devil, saint: many words have been used to describe Pablo Escobar, but one is irrefutable - legend. For the poor of Colombia, he was their Robin Hood, a man whose greatness lay not in his crimes, but in his charity; for the Colombian rich he was just a bloodthirsty gangster, a Bogie Man used to scare children into their beds; for the rest of the world flush with his imported cocaine, he was public enemy number 1. 

During his reign as the world's most notorious outlaw, he ordered the murder of thousands - at one point even bombing a passenger jet - smuggled drugs into the US in mini-submarines inspired by Bond films, was elected to parliament, staged midnight escapes through the jungle from whole army battalions, built his own prison, consorted with presidents, controlled an estimated fortune of over $20 billion, and managed to outwit the secret American forces sent to kill him for over 3 years. 
His ambition was as boundless as his violence, and neither was ever satisfied. 

This is the first major, and definitive, biography of this remarkable criminal life, told in jaw-dropping detail by the one man who, more than any other, can understand just how far he came and just how low he fell: his brother, Roberto Escobar.

 Muscle   Written by  Carlton Leech

This is the autobiography of Carlton Leach, a man to be reckoned with. He has earned himself respect throughout the deadly underworld he occupies. Make a friend of Carlton and you have an ally for life; cross him at your peril. For 20 years he has ranked among the toughest of Britain's brawn brigade. He was a key member of the dreaded Essex Boys gang which ran riot in the eighties and the nineties, sparking a savage drugs war which saw three of his pals wiped out in the 1995 Range Rover massacre. Even now, he knows that a bullet still has his name on it as a result of that simmering feud. Carlton was minder to boxer Nigel Benn throughout his glory years in the ring and tells of the blood, sweat and tears of their special relationship. He also tells how he saved four of his firm from being tortured to death and their wives and daughters raped in front of them after a £10 million heroin consignment went missing.


 Essex Boy (Last Man Standing)   Written by  Steve Ellis

Two films and numerous books have attempted to tell the shocking story of two of Britain’s most ruthless gangs. For 20 years, the Essex Boys firm and their successors, the New Generation, controlled a lucrative drugs empire in Essex and throughout the south east of England by using intimidation, gratuitous violence and murder. Rampaging through the streets and clubland, they destroyed anything and anybody that dared to get in their way.

Eventually torn apart by greed and paranoia, the gang members became victims of their own vile trade and hate-filled actions. Pat Tate, Tony Tucker and Craig Rolfe were all blasted repeatedly with a shotgun as they sat in their Range Rover down a remote farm track. Dean Boshell was lured to allotments, then beaten and shot execution-style three times through the head. Others, such as Darren Nicholls and Damon Alvin, turned Super Grass and disappeared into the witness protection scheme never to be seen again, while three other men are in prison serving life sentences .
Steve `Nipper` Ellis is the last man standing, the only member to have survived the bloody reign of both gangs.


In Essex Boy, he tells his shocking story for the first time, and reveals just how close he came to being both murderer and murder victim.

 Street boys   Written by  Tim Pritchard

The shocking, powerful true story of the lives of 7 young kids, marred by guns, gangs and violence on one of Britain's toughest estates. 'Eight years old. That's when life went downhill. From eight years old nobody looked after me. I just lived on the streets and made do by myself. There was no one except me and my friends.' Simon This is the story of 7 young boys who have one thing in common -- they grew up in a London street gang. JaJa looks out of his kitchen window and sees drug dealers, pimps and whores. He ends up as a kid leading a street gang. Phat Si comes home from school one day to find his mother gone so he takes to the streets. He's 8 years old. Ribz's mother sells crack and is sent to prison. He doesn't know who his father is but does know that his dad has an unknown number of children living on the same estate. He's determined to find some kind of family. Street Boys tells a powerful and important true story of courage, determination and hope -- of creating a family from your friends and starting again when the world seems against you.


 Chopper   Written by  Mark Brandon Read

Bullied at school, and growing up dreaming of revenge, Mark "Chopper" Read determined to be the toughest in any company. This autobiography tells how he became a crime commando who terrorized drug dealers, pimps, thieves and armed robbers on the streets and in jail - but he boasts never to have hurt an innocent member of the public. As a streetfighter, gunman and underworld executioner, he has been earmarked for death a hundred times but has lived to tell the tale.


 Gang War  Written by  Peter Walsh

For almost twenty years, the most intense and prolonged gang war in British history has raged on the streets of Manchester. Warring factions have left at least forty people dead, scores injured and made headlines across the world. The gangs vicious conflicts for control of drugs turf, protection rackets and door security have blighted the reputation of one of Europe's most dynamic and entrepreneurial cities and caused the coining of sinister epithets such as `Gangchester' and `Gunchester.' 

Investigative author Peter Walsh reveals the inside story of the north-west crime mobs and their internecine feuding. With unprecedented access to gang members and police officers, he traces the roots of the gangs and focuses on the emergence of the city's four main gangs - the Cheetham Hillbillies, the Doddington, the Gooch and the Salford Lads and tells how the Cheetham Hill, Gooch and Doddington crews fought for control of the Moss Side drug trade and how the much feared Salford criminals fought for control of pub and club doors and brought the region's licensed trade to its' knees.

Gang War also exposes for the first time, the new breed of young gangbangers - the Young Firm from Salford, the machine gun-toting Young Longsight Soldiers and the dreaded Pit Bull Crew, led by its fearless young leader, Tommy Pitt.


Gang War reveals how a new, US-style gang culture evolved in Manchester, unlike anything seen before in the UK and as gang culture spreads to other British cities, the book is a powerful and timely account of an extraordinary crime phenomenon.

 Tupac Shakur Biography   Written by  Fred Johnson

Tupac Shakur, the rap world’s greatest figure, will now be immortalized in wax at the world-famous Madame Tussaud’s in Las Vegas at the glorious Venetian Hotel. 

The wax portrait of Tupac is being sculpted by Jeni Fairey of Madame Tussaud’s London, who has previously crafted Beyoncé for the museum. The sculpture will be based on the now-iconic image of a shirtless Tupac sporting a bandana and proudly displaying his tattoos. Aside from Beyoncé, Tupac’s wax likeness will join the ranks of the celebrities who have forever made their mark on the world, including Prince, Bono, Jennifer Lopez, George Clooney, Elton John, Will Smith, Lenny Kravitz, James Brown, Elvis Presley and Shaquille O’Neal. Here is his Biography and it is a great read.



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