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Here you will find the best Gangster Movies of all time and much much more:

Welcome to Gangster City, if u love everything Gangster your in the right place.

GANGSTER MOVIES have been around for as long as most of us alive today can remember.

The first official Gangster Movie ever made was called Musketeers of pig valley which was made in 1912. However the Gangster Movie genre was not truly established until 1927 when the Gangster Movie Underworld was released.

After the popularity of Underworld, many more Gangster Movies were made, including Thunderbolt and The Racket. 

These movies in no way compare to the Gangster Movies of today, back then the laws on movie violence were not as relaxed as today and alot of the violent scenes would be removed by the movie regulators before the release. 

But these old films started off a craze that would carry on until the present day.

Everybody loves gangster movies and here we are gangster mad, we have everything you would ever need or need to know about gangsters and gangster movies. 

So check out the site for all the best gangster movies ever to be made. With movie trailers, plots, casts, pics, ratings, gangster history, TV documentaries, gangster rap, gangster games and much more. The Site is being updated daily so be sure to check back.

Keep it Gangster

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